Miyazaki: Japan's Surfing Paradise

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3 nights, 4 days
Miyazaki, Kyushu
¥750,000~ /person


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Explore the best surf spots in Miyazaki

Travel along the coastline around Miyazaki with a local professional surfer to explore the best waves and surf spots, whether you are a beginner or more advanced surfer.

Local culture

Japanese history and legend were made in Kyushu. Dive into its fascinating culture and history while exploring its surf.

Local food

The cuisine of Miyazaki includes extraordinary Miyazaki beef, tender local chicken, incredible seafood and much more.


Miyazaki is still relatively unknown abroad but is one of Japan's most renowned surf destinations. This hidden gem for international surfers, with a coastline that stretches over 300 kilometers, attracts swell from the east, south and north.

Gaining access to the best surf spots and local culture requires a local guide in this region.

What's included
  • A van with all necessary surf gear
  • Three nights accommodation
  • A local surf professional to guide you to the best waves and connect you to local culture and food
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Aoshima, Miyazaki

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Aoshima is a perfect base for your surfing adventure. With the mystical Aoshima Island in the backdrop, this crescent-shaped beach offers consistent waves that cater to surfers of all levels.

This beach is readily accessible and features a vibrant local community with shops and eateries within walking distance. After a day in the water, explore the local culture by visiting Aoshima-jinja Shrine or the unique geological formations known as The Devil’s Washboard.


Day 1: Arrival in Miyazaki

Get picked up at the airport and pick up your rental gear before exploring Aoshima including the mystical Aoshima shrine, The Devil’s Washboard and the local town.

Day 2: Aoshima and more

After testing the mellow waves on Aoshima beach, your guide will drive you along the coast to explore some other local surf spots with high-performance waves where you can find excellent barrels. Surf as long as you want before stopping for the day to visit local shrines or explore the town.

Day 3: Further along the coast

Depending on how you feel after the first day, explore further down the coast and its numerous surf spots where you can find waves suitable for all levels. If you are really adventurous, the rugged coastline and wild horses of Toi Misaki are a few hours away.

Day 4: Last day surfing

A final day of surfing before departure.

A final day of surfing before departure.


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Born and raised in Miyazaki, Kan has emerged as one of the most powerful goofy-footed surfers in the country​. With a wealth of international experience​,​ including memorable encounters with Hawaii's mighty waves​,​ he has earned a strong reputation for both conquering towering swells and coaching students of the waves..

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