Rishiri Peak: Northern Hokkaido Island Adventure

Open Dates
Spring to Fall, 2024
3 nights, 4 days
Rishiri Island, Hokkaido
¥550,000~ /person


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Local food culture

Learn about the local fishing culture and enjoy fresh local seafood throughout the entire journey


Join a cycling tour to see the natural beauty of the island.


Summit Mt Rishiri, the 1st of the 100 most beautiful mountains of Japan (百名山), or take a boat to neighboring Rebun Island for a hike.


Rishiri is a remote volcanic island off the coast of Japan's wild northern island of Hokkaido. This island is a unique destination for nature lovers and adventurous travelers.

This fully curated experience, inspired by Chef Stuart Brioza’s trip across Hokkaido, offers an experience to connect with the incredible nature and local culture of Rishiri. Visit its famous sea urchin and kelp farms as well as more recent additions such as its whisky distillery.

What's included
  • Accommodation at a villa
  • Meals throughout the entire journey including 2 seafood dinners
  • Guiding and activities throughout the entire tour by local expert guide
  • Transportation
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Rishiri, Hokkaido

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'Rii Shiri' means 'high-peak island' In the language of Japan's indigenous Ainu people. Mt. Rishiri looms over the rugged landscape, and small fishing villages are dotted around the shore.

The island is an active getaway for outdoor activities, from hiking and cycling in the summer and backcountry skiing in the winter.


Day 1: Island Relaxation

Feel the island’s serenity on arrival and go straight to a rejuvenating sauna session, leaving all stress behind. At night enjoy an exquisite seafood dinner at your villa, where you can sample the freshest local ingredients from the sea.

Day 2: Island Exploration

Meet your guide in the morning and embark on a day of excursions to uni (sea urchin) and kombu (kelp) farms by the ocean to go deep into local cuisine. In the afternoon you’ll explore Rishiri by bike, soaking in panoramic views around every turn. The day ends in the soothing water of a hot spring and dinner at an authentic izakaya.

Day 3: Mt Rishiri Hike

Ascend Mt. Rishiri with your guide and recharge with a scenic picnic lunch with spectacular views. In the afternoon visit a local whisky distillery to learn about the local art of Rishiri’s renowned spirits production. Visit an onsen or swim in the sea and then return to your villa for a prepared meal.

Day 4: Fishing Boat Trip

Your guide will pick you for an early morning fishing boat trip where you'll witness the mesmerizing spectacle of kombu harvesting. Depart Rishiri Island mid-day, saying farewell.


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Tamaki is a licensed JMGA Mountaineering Guide and JMGA Ski Guide. An avid skier, snowboarder, and cyclist, he is a specialist in Hokkaido who resides on Rishiri Island​, where he established Ri:Re (Rishiri Rebun Guide Net) in 2014.


Villa Kamui is the only luxury accommodation on Rishiri Island. With stunning views of the Ocean, sauna and exceptional in-house dining, this is the place to stay in Rishiri.

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