Beginner-friendly SUP Experience at Lake Chuzenji​,​ Nikko National Park

Surrounded by primeval forests from ancient times and within a natural lake, experience stand-up paddleboarding on Japan's highest elevated Lake Chuzenji in Okunikko, Nikko.


3 hours


May to October


Lake Chuzenji, Tochigi

Group size

1 to 5 persons




10,000 - 15,000 JPY

Kammui Style:

Family Friendly


福田 大介 Daisuke Fukuda

福田 大介 Daisuke Fukuda

Sup! Sup! Representative


This plan offers a SUP experience at Lake Chuzenji, the highest natural lake in Japan, and a glimpse into the history and origins of this area. All the minimum necessary tools for SUP can be rented. In addition to the SUP experience, guests will also learn the basics of paddling and points to safely enjoy Lake Chuzenji.

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Hosted by 福田 大介 Daisuke Fukuda
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If you have any questions about this experience, please contact the guide below.

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・ Meet at the parking lot of the designated meeting point ・ Change into appropriate clothing and gather gear at the facility ・ Explanations about the surrounding potential hazards, how to use the gear, paddling techniques, and what to do when falling into the water ・ Depending on your skill level, we will start by paddling while seated ・ Experience the core engagement unique to stand-up paddling!


Even those who are completely new to SUP and those who are not good at swimming can participate. If you would like children under the age of 4 to participate, please contact us separately.


Clothing Recommendations: We recommend clothing made from quick-drying materials (such as synthetic fabric T-shirts, shorts, or surf shorts). Please avoid wearing Heattech as it retains water and dries slowly, potentially causing a chill due to water exposure. While rash guards provide sun protection, they don't offer insulation, and they might lower body temperature. Therefore, they are not highly recommended for the environment of Lake Chuzenji. ・ What to Wear Underneath a Wetsuit Swimwear or lightweight short-sleeve shorts are ideal. If you don't have either, you can even wear underwear underneath. ・ Footwear - Sandals or Shoes Please bring sandals with heel straps or sport shoes that can get wet. Flip-flops or Croc-style sandals are prone to slipping off, risking loss. Since the SUP board can be slippery, they aren't recommended. You won't need shoes while on the SUP board, but as you might need to walk on rocky lake shores, shoes with a sturdy sole are recommended. For participation in May, early June, October, November: Please prepare sports shoes that can get wet. During this period, the water is colder, and wet skin exposed to wind can lead to lowered body temperature. Snug-fitting sport shoes can help mitigate such effects. ・ Outer Jacket or Windbreaker Wet skin exposed to wind can cause rapid cooling. Even in summer, depending on weather conditions, you might feel a bit chilly. Carrying a lightweight windbreaker can add to your comfort. ・ Strap for Preventing Glasses Loss There's a chance of glasses or sunglasses falling off and sinking during a fall into the water. Since deep diving is not possible, if you're wearing glasses or sunglasses, be sure to have a strap to prevent loss. ・ Wetsuit Rental We offer wetsuit (long john) rentals for 500 yen. Especially during spring and autumn, we strongly recommend using them. If you decide to rent, opt for thin, non-bulky materials (swimwear is best). ・ Beverages and Sunscreen Due to sweating and sun exposure, you might unknowingly become dehydrated. Prepare beverages for hydration and sunscreen for sun protection. ・ Health Condition Lack of sleep or exercising on an empty stomach can lead to conditions like anemia. Please ensure to take care of your well-being before participating.


At our company-operated co-working space with an integrated campground, we offer various opportunities such as camping stays, team-building workshops, training sessions, and events. If you're interested, please feel free to inquire separately for more details.

Access info

By car from Tokyo about 2 hours, by train and bus from Tokyo about 3 hours

Pick up


Nearest station

JR Nikko Station

Meeting place

Lake Chuzenji Boat House

If you come by car

About 50 minutes by car from Tobu Nikko Station/JR Nikko Station