竹尾 雄宇 Yu Takeo

竹尾 雄宇 Yu Takeo

Bantei ~bamboo tai~ Representative


Yu Takeo was born in 1979 in Aichi Prefecture. After high school​,​ he entered a winter sports college in Myoko. After graduation​,​ he became interested in skiing off-piste and explored various mountains in Japan. Yu became fascinated by the scale of the mountains in Hakuba and moved his base there because he felt he could ski its slopes for the rest of his life. At the age of 22​,​ he started working as a guide. In 2012​,​ he founded Bantei and has been guiding ever since. Currently​,​ he trains young guides and offers guiding and training for professional riders.


We try to guide from the snowboarder's point of view. The Hakuba area has countless runs​,​ and no matter how many times you come back​,​ you’ll never get bored of this area. Our guides ski here every day and are able to guide you to the slopes with the best conditions. For first-time backcountry skiers​,​ we will include beacon training and backcountry training for less than one hour of the experience. These skills are necessary for backcountry skiing even with a guide. In nature​,​ you will feel sensations in your body that you cannot feel in everyday life. I guide with the hope that everyone will experience the beauty of nature​,​ that floating feeling of powder skiing​,​ and to understand the harshness of nature at times.

Guide Q&A

Q: What is your most memorable experience in nature?

The first track on a large slope with no one else on it.

Q: What does nature represent to you?

A great field to play on, if you have the necessary knowledge.

Q: What has nature taught you?

To face the world with humility.

Q: What do you hope that people will get out of experiences with you as a guide?

The joy of playing in nature.


Japan Mountain Guides Association Stage II Ski Guide Former JSBA pro snowboarder Founded Bantei ~bamboo tail~ in 2012 Language: Japanese