Kammui Adventures combine the best of nature and local culture to take you off the beaten path.

Explore Japan’s hidden nature on a Kammui Adventure.

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We have selected the leading guides in Japan who offer the most unique outdoor experiences in Japan.

Currently there are over 100 guides offering experiences directly.There are also many other guides not featured whom you can only book through the concierge.

“It was time to take a deep breath and play in the beautiful wilderness, reminding us of that space in our hearts and the important things that we tend to forget in our busy lives. Thank you for a wonderful experience!”

- Waka

“I felt like a new world opened up to me, experiencing new activities such as SUP and mountain biking with top guides in Nozawa Onsen, where I usually just visit in the winter.”

- Juri

“There is a special magic getting out of the city into nature in Japan. Kammui provides the guidance that allows anyone to unlock these experiences in a deeper, richer way.”

- Ian