Mountain Biking & Cycling

A Journey that Connects the Mountains and Sea of the Izu Peninsula

We will go into the forest by e-MTB and paddle out to the sea by kayak. This tour connects Izu's nature by going into the mountains, making firewood, and eating fish caught in the sea.


2 days/1 night


January to December


Izu Peninsula

Group size

2 to 10 persons




45,000 - 45,000 JPY


松本 潤一郎 Junichiro Matsumoto

松本 潤一郎 Junichiro Matsumoto

Director of Lodge Mondo, a small inn on the Izu Peninsula surrounded by the sea and mountains


Paddle out to Suruga Bay in a pedal kayak for kayak fishing. Next, we will make firewood from trees cut down in the forest, and boil a bath in a wood boiler. We will also enjoy trail riding on e-MTBs on an ancient road with a 1,200 year history.

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Hosted by 松本 潤一郎 Junichiro Matsumoto
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Day 1 ・ Kayak fishing (about 4 hours) ・ Chop wood and boil a bath using the wood boiler at Lodge Mondo, our lodging facility. ・ Cook dinner with the fish caught while kayak fishing Day 2 ・ Trail ride on e-MTBs on an ancient trail with 1,200 years of history There is also an option to hike on an ancient trail. If you wish, this can be turned into trail maintenance or a chainsaw experience to cut down a tree.


MTB riding requires a minimum height of 130cm. Tour Notes & Precautions: ・ This is a nature-based activity, and there is a possibility that there are risks that go beyond the tour guide's duty of care. Please use your own judgment when deciding whether or not to participate in this tour. We will ask you to sign a participation consent form to confirm that you understand this. (Minors must have the consent of their parents or guardians.) ・ The tour will be held even in light rain, but may be cancelled due to weather or ocean conditions that are deemed dangerous. In the event of cancellation, the tour will be held on a substitute date of your choice. ・ In principle, we will notify you of a tour cancellation by 17:00 on the day before the tour. Please note that there is a possibility that the tour may be canceled just before the tour starts due to a sudden change in weather conditions. ・ Please note that the following persons are not allowed to participate in the tour: Those who have been drinking or have a hangover, those who are pregnant, those who have a medical condition, those who are in poor health, those who do not sign the participation consent form, those who do not follow the guide's instructions, and those who are deemed dangerous by the staff. In the above cases, the tour fee will not be refunded.


Kayak Fishing: ・ Clothing that does not expose skin, such as a rash guard, is recommended even during the summer months. ・ Sunglasses are recommended to protect your eyes from the strong sunlight. ・ If you are worried about seasickness, please take anti-sickness medicine before the tour starts. Mountain biking: ・ From June to October, half pants and tights/spats are recommended to avoid exposing skin. ・ From November to May, a fleece, shirt, or other layered clothing and a light windbreaker are recommended. ・ Please bring sunglasses or eyewear if you have them to protect your eyes from strong sunlight, branches, and pebbles.


・ The public bathhouse is available from 17:00 to 22:00. ・ The showers in the bathrooms are available at all hours except during cleaning. ・ There is no curfew after check-in. However, we ask that those who go out or enter the room late at night do not disturb other guests or neighbors. ・ You are free to bring your own drinks and food. We ask that you clean up any bottles or cans that you have finished drinking. ・ Please be sure to notify us if you are going to check in later than scheduled. ・ Receipts will be issued at the accommodation. Please contact the accommodation directly for details.

Access info

By train and bus: Shinkansen: Tokyo Station, Nagoya Station, Shin-Osaka Station → Mishima Station  Mishima Express: Shinjuku Station → Mishima Station From Mishima Station: Option 1: Take Izu Hakone Railway train bound for Shuzenji → Get off at Shuzenji Station → Take Tokai Bus bound for Matsuzaki [Kamo-gun] → Get off at Ohama Station and walk 5 minutes Option 2: Take Tokai Bus Nishi-Izu Express Bus bound for Matsuzaki [Kamo-gun] → Get off at Nishina Garage and walk 6 minutes From Izukyu Shimoda Station: Take Tokai Bus bound for Ukusu → Get off at Ohama Bus Stop and walk 5 minutes By car: Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes (65 km) from Nagaizumi-Numazu IC

Pick up


Nearest station

Izukyu Shimoda Station

Meeting place

Lodge Mondo

If you come by car

30 minutes from Izukyu Shimoda Station