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Electronic Mountain Bike Excursion in Hachimantai​,​ Iwate

This riding tour will take you to the famous sites of Hachimantai around Mt. Iwate with its beautiful seasonal scenery, utilizing the extra mobility of electric mountain bikes.


5 hours


June to October


Hachimantai City, Iwate

Group size

1 to 3 persons




17,600 JPY


倉金 純也 Junya Kuragane

倉金 純也 Junya Kuragane

Hachimantai, a holy land of powder snow, CLUBMAN Mountain Guide Leader


Admire the scenic beauty of Hachimantai City and majestic Mount Iwate on this electronic mountain bike tour. This adventure ride will take you through vast meadows, the Yakehashiri Lava Flow (a national treasure), and up to the Mount Iwate panorama line where you can see spectacular views. There will be an original course lunch at the famous "Lamia Mamma" Italian restaurant in the forest. The tour will also run through Hachimantai's famous landmarks, including the Mt. Iwate Foothills Trail, Matsukawa Canyon, and Kanazawa Kiyomizu, one of Japan's 100 best water sources. We invite you to experience the beauty of the seasons and the sense of oneness with nature that only mountain biking can provide.

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Hosted by 倉金 純也 Junya Kuragane
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09:00~09:30 Meet at the clubhouse  09:30 Rental fitting, exercises, gear briefing 10:00 Basic training on the flat zone (position, braking) 10:30 Field Ride (Meadows ~ Yakehashiri Lava Flow ~ Mt. Iwate Panorama line) 12:00 Lunch break at Lamia Mamma 13:00 Field Ride (Mt. Iwate Forest Road~ Kenmin-no Mori, Mori no Ohashi, Matsukawa Gorge ~ Kanazawa Shimizu ) 14:00 Return to clubhouse for refreshments  14:30 Dismissal


Oopen to anyone who can ride a bike (elementary school students and older). Due to the size of the bikes, only those who are at least 150cm tall will be allowed to ride.


What to bring: - A hat with a brim (to be worn under the helmet), towel, change of clothes, drink, thin gloves - A small backpack (no shoulder bags) - Sunglasses, sunscreen, etc. Clothing: Wear comfortable clothes that can get dirty (long sleeves and long pants are recommended to prevent injury), long socks, non-slip easy-to-move shoes, and a light jacket to protect against cold and rain. Charged rental (tax included): - Backpack 1,100 yen - Sunglasses 550 yen - Gloves 550 yen (for sale) - Face towel 220 yen (for sale) *Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


LODGE CLUBMAN Clubhouse Accommodation is available at LODGE CLUBMAN. Please contact us for details.

Access info

By car: 5 minutes from Matsuo-Hachimantai IC on Tohoku Expressway toward Hachimantai Summit By train: 15 minutes by car from Hiradate Station on the Iwate Ginga (Galaxy) Railway and Hanawa Line from Morioka Station (free shuttle service available). By bus: Morioka Station (East Exit 3) ⇒ Hachimantai Summit direction, approx. 80 min. Get off at Matsuo Mine Historical Museum (free shuttle service available)

Pick up


Nearest station

Hanawa Line Tairadate Station

Meeting place


If you come by car

15 minutes