Skiing & Snowboarding

Heading out into the Backcountry in Tomamu

We teach everything you need to know before heading out to the backcountry in Tomamu.


2 hours


January to March


Tomamu, Hokkaido

Group size

1 to 6 persons




18,000 JPY


中島 力 Riki Nakajima

中島 力 Riki Nakajima

Representative of Riki Japow Guide


Are you nervous about signing up for and participating in a guided tour for the first time? Are you thinking of questions like, What should I bring? What should I know? We will help you to resolve such concerns. Before heading out to ski the mountains, we teach the minimum skills you need to have a fun ride. We teach everything from how to use a beacon and read the terrain to knowing what kind of equipment you need. This experience is for learning about BC only and does not include skiing.

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Hosted by 中島 力 Riki Nakajima
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If you have any questions about this experience, please contact the guide below.

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・ How to use beacons and other avalanche gear ・ How to read topographic maps and check the actual terrain ・ Introduction to what to bring on an actual tour, etc.


・ The ability to control and stop in all types of terrain and snow conditions (steep slopes, tree runs, bad snow, deep snow, uneven terrain, etc.) ・ 13 years of age or older


Avalanche gear (beacons, shovels, probes) are available for free rental.


If you have any questions about facilities or about local accommodations, please contact us.

Access info

By Car ・ New Chitose Airport ⇨ via Trans-Hokkaido Expressway / East Hokkaido Expressway ⇨ Hoshino Resort Tomamu (around 1.5 hours) ・ Sapporo City ⇨ via Trans-Hokkaido Expressway / East Hokkaido Expressway ⇨ Hoshino Resort Tomamu (around 2-2.5 hours) By Train From New Chitose Airport ・New Chitose Airport Station ⇨ Express Train to Sapporo ⇨ Minami Chitose Station ⇨ Aozora ⇨ Tomamu Station (about 1.5 hours) From Sapporo City ・Sapporo Station ⇨ Aozora ⇨ Tomamu Station (around 2 hours) Tomamu Station ⇨ Hoshino Resort Tomamu (30 minutes on foot, 3~5 minutes by cab)

Pick up


Nearest station

Tomamu Station

Meeting place

Hoshino Resort Tomamu

If you come by car

Approx. 110 km from Chitose Airport, 1 hour and 30 minutes