Skiing & Snowboarding

One-Day Tour in Hakuba's Deep Backcountry Mountains (Red)

This tour is for experienced backcountry enthusiasts and those who want to experience the full potential of the deep Hakuba backcountry.


8 hours


December to May


All areas of Hakuba valley

Group size

1 to 12 persons




16,500 - 99,000 JPY

Kammui Style:



舎川 朋弘 Tomohiro Tonegawa

舎川 朋弘 Tomohiro Tonegawa

Representative of Color Sport Club, a backcountry pioneer in Hakuba, Japan


This backcountry tour brings out the full potential of Hakuba and it has the highest repeat rate among our club members. This is a tour that will surprise even the most seasoned backcountry skiers and is the perfect way to deepen your knowledge of the backcountry. Hakuba Valley is home to some of the most diverse backcountry terrain in the world. We will guide you to the best field for each tour day according to the conditions of the day. This tour is open to all participants who have already participated in our other tours or who have been introduced by existing Club members. We will make full use of the gondolas and lifts to deepen the experience. Let's enjoy the beautiful backcountry terrain together! <Pricing> ・Up to 6 people in a group: 99,000 yen (1 guide in Japanese, tax included). ・For each additional guest: 16,500 yen (up to 12 people in total, tax included). ・If you do not have mountain insurance, you will need to purchase it by yourself. ・Those who do not have backcountry gear will need to pay a separate fee of 3,300 yen (tax included). The set includes the following:  ・Beacon  ・Probe  ・Shovel  ・Snowshoes  ・Poles  ・Backpack

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Hosted by 舎川 朋弘 Tomohiro Tonegawa
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If you have any questions about this experience, please contact the guide below.

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Our guides and staff have many routes in the Hakuba backcountry that they have pioneered. This means that they are able to take you to the field with the best conditions for each day. The Red Plan offers a 1,000m to 1,200m elevation gain on the route. * Meeting time is 7:30 a.m. (advance notice will be given) * We will end the tour around 3:00pm to 4:00pm.


We ask that you participate in the Yellow Plan prior to participating in the Red Plan.


Please confirm beforehand that you have already participated in the Yellow Plan.


If you have any questions about facilities or about local accommodations, please contact us.

Access info

Access from Tokyo area By Car Tokyo ⇨ (Kanetsu/Joshinetsu Expressway) ⇨ Nagano I.C ⇨ (R19 - Prefectural Road Nagano Omachi Route 31, also known as Hakuba-Nagano Olympic Road) ⇨ Hakuba Approx. 4 hours Tokyo ⇨ Chuo Expressway ⇨ Okaya JCT ⇨ Nagano Expressway ⇨ Azumino I.C ⇨ (North Alps Panorama Road - R148) ⇨ Hakuba 5 hours By Train Tokyo ⇨ (Hokuriku Shinkansen) ⇨ Nagano ⇨ (Express Bus: Depart from JR Nagano Station East Exit, use Hakuba-Nagano Olympic Road) ⇨ Hakuba approx. 3 hours Shinjuku ⇨ (Chuo Line Express Azusa) ⇨ Matsumoto ⇨ (JR Oito Line) ⇨ Hakuba (direct connection between Shinjuku and Hakuba) approx. 3hr 30min Direct Bus Shinjuku ⇨ Hakuba *For more information, please contact the Hakuba Office of Matsumoto Dentetsu Co. Access from Nagoya By Car Nagoya ⇨ (Chuo Expressway) ⇨ Okaya JCT ⇨ (Nagano Expressway) ⇨ Azumino I.C ⇨ (North Alps Panorama Road - R148) ⇨ Hakuba Approx. 3hr 30min By Train Nagoya ⇨ (Chuo Line Express Shinano) ⇨ Matsumoto ⇨ (JR Oito Line) ⇨ Hakuba approx. 3 hr. 30 min. Access from Osaka By Car Osaka ⇨ (Meishin Expressway/Chuo Expressway) ⇨ Okaya JCT ⇨ (Nagano Expressway) ⇨ Azumino I.C ⇨ (North Alps Panorama Road - R148) ⇨ Hakuba 5hr 30min Osaka ⇨ Meishin Expressway ⇨ Maibara JCT ⇨ Hokuriku Expressway ⇨ Itoigawa I.C ⇨ (R148) ⇨ Hakuba 5hr 30min By Train Osaka ⇨ (Shinkansen & Chuo Line Express Shinano) ⇨ Matsumoto ⇨ (JR Oito Line) ⇨ Hakuba 4hr 30min By Airplane Osaka ⇨ Matsumoto ⇨ (Car & Bus R147-R148, Train JR Oito Line) ⇨ Hakuba approx. 3hrs. Access from Other Areas Sapporo By Air Sapporo ⇨ Matsumoto ⇨ (R147-R148 by bus or car, JR Oito Line) ⇨ Hakuba approx. 3 hr. 30 min. Fukuoka By Airplane Fukuoka ⇨ Matsumoto ⇨ (Car & Bus R147-R148, Train JR Oito Line) ⇨ Hakuba approx. 3h30 Parking The Club has a large parking lot.

Pick up


Nearest station

JR Hakuba Station

Meeting place

Color Sports Club Backcountry Guide Office

If you come by car

5 minutes from Hakuba Station