Yoga & Meditation

Private Yoga​,​ Meditation​,​ and Sauna Retreat Near a Secluded River

Reconnect with nature and clear your mind by completely shutting out stimuli from the outside world on this relaxing yoga retreat.


6 hours


April to December


Kou, Kaifu district, Tokushima

Group size

1 to 10 persons




20,000 JPY




Director of Retreat Village Ensou, a secluded yoga facility coexisting with the blessings of the mountains in Kaiyo-machi, Tokushima


Many people today are so focused on the outside world that they have lost connection with themselves. In a completely private space, you will spend time looking at yourself by closing off information from the outside world. In yoga, of course, it is important to be in tune with one's own body and mind, but in the Indian tradition, this is only the preparatory stage. It is only when the mind has been given space that knowledge can be poured into it. Through nature, vegetarian food, and getting in a sauna, you will be exposed to the cycles of nature and gain awareness. Experience thousands of years of yogic knowledge as you become one with nature.

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Hosted by DONI OM
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Breath work and Yoga ↓ Clear Stream Sauna ↓ Meditation ↓ Mealtime (vegetarian and prepared without the five pungent roots)


Open to all, with or without yoga experience.


Comfortable clothes, towel, swimsuit, change of clothes, yoga mat (rental available).


In order to protect the environment, we ask you to kindly not use any cosmetics or sunscreen derived from petroleum as well as perfumes that use synthetic fragrances. Some of our activities will be in rivers where all kinds of living creatures live, so please use natural products. We are committed to a zero-waste policy. Please be sure to take all garbage home with you.

Access info

By Airplane: Tokushima Awaodori Airport → Shuttle Bus → JR Tokushima Station → Shishikui Station By Train: Shishikui Station Pick-up service from Shishikui Station is available. By Bus: Tokushima Bus Kansai → Shishikui Pick-up service is available from the bus stop. By Car: 2 hours and 30 minutes from JR Tokushima Station by car There is a parking lot in Retreat Village ensou.

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Nearest station

Shishikui Station

Meeting place

Shishikui Station

If you come by car

30 minutes