Waterfall Climbing in Wakasa​,​ Fukui Prefecture

Enjoy an exhilarating adventure along with the scenery that adorns the streams. Optionally, staying overnight at the local Japanese Heritage Site will allow you to more deeply experience Wakasa's culture.


3 hours


May to November


Wakasa, Fukui

Group size

2 to 10 persons




15,000 - 25,000 JPY


村田 浩道 Hiromichi Murata

村田 浩道 Hiromichi Murata

Monk Name: Koudou ・ Representative of PLUS WILD ・ Nature and Zen trail adventure Chubu area mountain guide


Wakasa's streams have a long season and beautiful surroundings, with the fresh greens of spring to the changing leaves of autumn. The valleys of Wakasa, where mountains and the sea are close by and the terrain is often steep, are lined with a series of easy-to-climb 5 to 10 meter waterfalls. Waterfall climbing gives you a great sense of accomplishment as you climb to the top while being showered with clear, fresh water. Experienced professional guides will take care of your safety and ensure that everyone can enjoy an exhilarating and safe trip up the river. If you have time we suggest you stay overnight in an old private house in Kumagawajuku town, a Japanese Heritage site. You will experience the food, history, and people of Wakasa more deeply. Please contact us if you would like to include a stay in your trip. Private tours are also available. <Pricing> Number of participants 2 persons 20,000 yen/person 3 persons 18,000 yen/person 4 or more 15,000 yen/person

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Hosted by 村田 浩道 Hiromichi Murata
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Height requirements: must be at least 140 cm tall Please feel free to contact us if you have children under 140 cm in height or guests with physical disabilities.


・ Please follow the guide's instructions on what to do and how to use climbing equipment during the experience. ・ Rental equipment: wetsuits, stream shoes, helmets, harnesses, and gloves. ・ Please bring: swimsuit (to be worn under the wetsuit), change of clothes, towel, drink, high calorie snack ・ If the experience is over noon, please bring lunch. Bread is recommended. (Lunch can also be provided. Please consult with us in advance.)


Contact us if you have any questions about the facilities.

Access info

By public transportation From Tokyo to Wakasa Kumagawa (about 4 hours)  ・ Take the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kyoto ・ At Kyoto Station, transfer to the Kosei Line and get off at Omi Imazu Station. ・ From Omi Imazu Station, take a local bus bound for Obama on the Wakae Line and get off at the Wakasa Kumagawa stop. (Approx. 3 hours and 30 minutes by train + 30 minutes by local bus) From Osaka to Wakasa Kumagawa (about 2 hours) ・ Take the JR Tokaido Sanyo Line New Express bound for Tsuruga from Osaka. ・ From Omi Imazu Station, board a local bus bound for Obama on the Wakae Line and disembark at the Wakasa Kumagawa bus stop. (Approx. 1 hour and 20 minutes by train + 30 minutes by local bus)

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JR Kosei Line Omi Imazu Station

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JR Kosei Line Omi Imazu Station

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35 minutes