Hiking & Trekking

Yoga and Trekking Combination Tour at Mt. Fuji

Passing through forest tunnels, feeling the sun filtering through the trees, listening to the sound of our footsteps on fallen leaves, breathing and meditating in the coniferous forest: a mindfulness experience where we will spend time with the earth.


3 hours


April to November


Fuji Five Lakes, Yamanashi

Group size

1 to 6 persons




15,000 JPY

Kammui Style:



春木 朗男 Akio Haruki

春木 朗男 Akio Haruki

富士河口湖畔のマルチアクティビティTRAIL HIKES代表 / Director of Trail Hikes, a multi-activity experience operator near Fuji Kawaguchiko.


This tour allows you to simultaneously experience yoga, trekking, and the spectacular scenery around Mt. Fuji. Our mountain guides will take you to the most suitable outdoor location depending on the time of the year. Mt. Fuji in spring, a pleasant breezy forest in summer, and trekking through a tunnel of autumn leaves in fall. The sound of footsteps on fallen leaves. The sun shining through the trees. The sound of the wind. With each step, your breathing will naturally deepen. Upon arrival at the destination, we will have a yoga class led by a yoga teacher who teaches yoga in Kawaguchiko. All you will hear is the sound of the forest. Feeling the earth beneath you, you will be able to experience superb meditation. Feeling refreshed and before descending the mountain, enjoy a hot drink and light meal made with local ingredients.

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Hosted by 春木 朗男 Akio Haruki
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10:00 Meet at the trailhead, climb up a gentle trail for about one hour 11:30 Yoga experience at the top of the mountain with a view of Mt. Fuji 12:30 Lunch and tea time 13:30 Descend the mountain 14:30 Tour ends We will decide on the course after consulting with you about your fitness level, the scenery you want to see, and the time required.


First time trekkers and yoga practitioners are welcome to participate.


What to bring: ・ Comfortable clothes ・ Water ・ Hat ・ Towel Trekking shoes, rain gear, and backpacks can be rented free of charge, or you can bring your own if you have them. Yoga mats will be provided. The guide will carry them to the yoga location.


If you have any questions about nearby facilities, please contact us.

Access info

For those taking public transportation, a shuttle service is available from Kawaguchiko Station. Those coming by car will be directed to the nearest parking lot (free of charge) to the trailhead.

Pick up


Nearest station

Kawaguchiko Station

Meeting place


If you come by car

30 minutes