大野 聡 Satoshi Ono

大野 聡 Satoshi Ono

Representative Director, Little Tolly Co.


Satoshi Ono majored in wildlife studies (studying the pika rabbit) in the Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine department at Obihiro University and began canoe guiding while still in school. After working as a river guide on the Sorachi River​,​ he launched Little Tolly in 2004. Currently​,​ he is in charge of general and group activities at Hoshino Resort Tomamu.


Going into nature with a guide who has a wealth of experience will teach many things. In doing so​,​ you will encounter wonderful scenery and discover the beauty of nature itself.

Guide Q&A

Q: What is your most memorable experience in nature?

Sea kayaking and trekking to Shiretoko Peninsula.

Q: What does nature represent to you?

A place where one can be oneself

Q: What has nature taught you?

Nature is where I receive energy for my mind and body.

Q: What do you hope that people will get out of experiences with you as a guide?

By savoring extraordinary experiences, I hope you can align yourself in peace.


Representative Director​,​ Littletree Co. Established Littletree in 2004 Hokkaido outdoor guide (rafting​,​ canoeing) Language: Japanese