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Mt. Fuji Overnight Trek

Revel in the changing hues of the sun and mesmerizing starry skies as you trek towards Japan’s highest summit


2 days/1 night


July to September


Mt. Fuji, Yamanashi

Group size

1 to 8 persons




23,760 - 68,040 JPY


蛭間 太祐 Daisuke Hiruma

蛭間 太祐 Daisuke Hiruma

Director of MT. FUJI TRAIL CLUB, certified Fujiyoshida city guide


Embark on a 2-day climbing tour starting from the 5th Station of the Fuji Subaru Line. From witnessing the sunset to the sunrise and gazing at the breathtaking panoramic views below, you will aim for the summit of Mt. Fuji while learning about the formation and history of the volcano.

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Hosted by 蛭間 太祐 Daisuke Hiruma
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Day 1 12:00 Meet at Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station (Shuttle bus will be used) 19:00 Dinner at mountain lodge (8th Station) (There is a possibility that we will be in other mountain lodges depending on the availability.) Day 2 02:30 Wake up and depart (The time will change depending on the congestion on the day and the physical strength and pace of the climber.) 04:30 Sunrise viewing (8.5 Station) 06:00 Climb to the summit ~ Ohachi Tour ~ Kengamine After taking a break and taking into consideration the weather and people's physical condition, the tour will depart for a visit to Ohachi (approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes). The course will circle around the crater, aiming for Japan's highest peak, Kenganbō (剣ヶ峰) 09:00 After finishing the Ohachi tour, we will rest again and start our descent 14:00 Arrive at the 5th station of the Fuji Subaru Line and disperse Note: In case of bad weather, the tour may be canceled at the discretion of the guide.


We weclome hiking beginners. This tour is up to anyone from elementary school students and up.


Required: * A 30L rucksack, preferably for mountaineering, with a rucksack cover * A headlamp * Rain wear (top and bottom separate), hiking shoes, trekking poles, and warm clothing (down jacket) The above can all be rented in advance. Please also bring: * Fleece, shirt, hat, gloves, and underwear * About 1 liter of water, food and energy snacks, sunscreen, sunglasses, mask, towel, small change (for toilet), earplugs, eye mask, body sheet, and your insurance card


Facilities used: Overnight at the Fujiyoshida Hut (near the 8th station)

Access info

* Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal: Fuji Subaru Line Fifth Station Bound for Fuji Subaru Line Fifth Station * Fujikyuko Line Kawaguchiko Station: Fuji Subaru Line Fifth Station Bound for Fuji Subaru Line Fifth Station * Fuji Parking Shuttle bus bound for the fifth station

Pick up


Nearest station

Fuji Station, Kawaguchiko Station, Fujikyu Line

Meeting place

Fuji Subaru Line Fifth Station

If you come by car

1 hour