Multi-Day Trips

Pacific Horizons With Hiromitsu Kuniyoshi: An Unforgettable 180° View Camping & Activity Experience

Enjoy a variety of activities centered around camping, while immersing yourself in abundant natural surroundings at Toi Misaki Minami Lighthouse Campground


2 days/1 night


January to December


Cape Toi, Kushima City, Miyazaki

Group size

1 to 4 persons




16,000 - 30,000 JPY


國吉 博光 Hiromitsu Kuniyoshi

國吉 博光 Hiromitsu Kuniyoshi

Toi Misaki Minami Lighthouse Campsite / TMB Manager / CEO of tegemocos superfoods


Enjoy a hands-free camping experience at Cape Toi South Lighthouse Campground, located at the southernmost tip of Miyazaki Prefecture, with breathtaking views of the vast ocean where wild horses roam. Experience introductory activities such as skateboarding in the bowl, surfing, and stand-up paddleboarding tailored to the natural conditions. <Pricing> Price per person ¥30,000 / 1 person ¥20,000 / 2 persons ¥18,000 / 3 people ¥16,000 / 4 people

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Hosted by 國吉 博光 Hiromitsu Kuniyoshi
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Day 1 14:00 Meet @Camping Toi 14:30 Setting up the tent 15:30 Coffee & tea time 16:30 Activity (Depending on natural conditions) 18:00 Bonfire start 19:00 Dinner (BBQ or hot pot) Day 2 07:00 Wake up 07:30 Breakfast 10:00 Activity (Depending on natural conditions) 12:00 Lunch 13:00 End


Anyone who loves sports and is interested in experiencing them is welcome to join. Families and partners are also highly encouraged to come along. For accompanying individuals who won't be participating in the activities, please contact us separately to discuss arrangements. Let's enjoy a campfire together!


Regarding equipment and preparation: Please note the following regarding the provided equipment, including any precautions: - We offer rental helmets and a set of protectors (knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards). These are available in child and adult sizes only. - Please provide us with your size information when making the reservation. As for items that participants are recommended to bring on their own, please consider the following: - Comfortable sports attire suitable for the activities. - Closed-toe shoes with good grip. - Sunscreen and protective clothing for outdoor activities. - A water bottle to stay hydrated. - Any personal items or equipment you prefer to use during the activities. Please ensure that you are adequately prepared for a safe and enjoyable experience.


We will provide sleeping bags for the 5-person tent owned by the Cape Toi South Lighthouse Campground. The campground is located within a wild horse pasture, and you may have the opportunity to witness the wild horses grazing near your tent. If the weather is favorable, you'll be greeted with a clear view of the sea and sky during the day, and a sparkling night sky full of stars. The skateboard bowl is made of high-quality concrete and exclusively designed for skateboarding. The campground management building has a rugged and rustic charm, as it was refurbished from a DIY project using an abandoned structure. Since the campground is situated in a remote area with abundant wildlife, it is important to thoroughly understand and abide by the provided instructions. Please ensure you have a clear understanding of the safety guidelines and regulations to prevent any accidents or injuries during the activity experience. If you have any questions about facilities or about local accommodations, please contact us.

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Seach for Camping Toi tegemocos

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Nearest station

Yoka Bus Pakalapaka Stop

Meeting place

Toimisaki South Lighthouse Campsite

If you come by car

1 minute