Multi-Day Trips

Private Terraced Rice Field Camping Overlooking Mountains and Valleys

Experience a special camping adventure within the terraced rice fields of Takachiho. Enjoy spectacular views, gather around a campfire, and immerse yourself in the local culture.


2 days/1 night


November to April


Takachiho Town, Miyazaki Prefecture

Group size

2 to 8 persons




30,000 - 40,000 JPY


福島 優 Yu Fukushima

福島 優 Yu Fukushima

Representative of Trailhead, LLC, a company that creates a gateway to the outdoors in Takachiho


We offer a unique experience at the "Takachiho Terraced Rice Field Campsite," only available during the non-cultivation season when the rice fields are not in use. Gather around a campfire and savor local delicacies such as Takachiho Highland vegetables, Takachiho beef, and the regional specialty called "Kappo-dori," chicken simmered in bamboo. Immerse yourself in the local culture while enjoying the tranquil and secluded atmosphere of this campsite, surrounded by a breathtaking landscape and a sky full of stars at night. Indulge in a truly special setting that you won't find at a regular campsite. * As a part of our commitment to preserving the terraced rice fields and promoting the local community, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to these causes. Options: We also offer optional activities to further enhance your experience based on your interests and group members: - Yoga Experience: Experience a unique yoga experience within the scenic beauty of the terraced rice fields. Price: 35,000 JPY per session. - Takachiho tour: Explore the town's nature, shrines, and local shops with a guided tour. - A full day tour before camping: 30,000 JPY for the day. - After the camp ends in the afternoon: 15,000 JPY for half a day. *Please note that additional expenses for activities, dining, and additional expenses are not included. - Takachiho Packraft: Embark on a private tour of the untouched natural beauty of Takachiho. Price: 15,000 JPY per person. - Shinto Priest Trekking: Enjoy a guided tour of local shrines and hike through the mountains with a shinto priest. Price: 15,000 JPY per person. - E-bike Tour around the terraced rice fields: Ride an e-bike and explore the terraced rice fields. Price: 12,000 JPY per person.

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Hosted by 福島 優 Yu Fukushima
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Day 1: - Afternoon: Gather at the meeting location - Evening: Campfire Cooking and Local Cuisine Experience - Dinner - Sleep Day 2: - Morning: Breakfast - Midday: End We will adjust the details according to your schedule.


Anyone in good health is welcome to participate.


Items to bring: - Warm clothing (We recommend outerwear made of natural materials such as cotton or wool, which are less flammable in the case of sparks from the campfire. Please be cautious with synthetic fabrics, as they are more flammable.) Rental items included in the fee: - A complete set of tents for sleeping in - A full set of campfire equipment - Cooking utensils and cutler


The campsite area has parking, toilets, and a water source. Additionally, there is a public bathhouse, supermarkets, and convenience stores within a 10-min drive from the campsite.

Access info

Access is only available by car, and there are approximately 10 parking spaces available. If you don't have a car, we provide a shuttle service within Takachiho town. Please feel free to consult with us regarding transportation arrangements.

Pick up


Nearest station

Miyakoh Bus Center

Meeting place

Takachiho Terraced Rice Field Campsite

If you come by car

10 minutes